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About Us

Wanted Shoes, Inc. was born of the need to address a void in the marketplace for fun, fashion-forward footwear, with a strong accent on high-quality, intelligence and function, along with FUN!
In a fashion-conscious world that constantly pursues cutting edge trends, WANTED has successfully distinguished itself as a leading brand. The WANTED label assures quality, style and affordability to its customers. Most importantly, WANTED remains true to its name, leaving women of all ages wanting more.

To date, Wanted Shoes has sold millions and millions of pairs of shoes across the country and throughout the world, and has become a globally recognized and respected brand, repeatedly featured in the top fashion magazines around the world.

Being one of the few truly cross-generational brands in the market, we are afforded the luxury of selling to a highly diversified customer base.  Our styles appeal to all ages, with styles ranging for teens to junior, ladies and women!   You’ll find us in stores across the globe, bringing fashion, fun and satisfaction to all!

Wanted Shoes believes that footwear should be fashionable, fun, affordable, comfortable and well made!  Our philosophy begins with providing the highest-quality product, and continues on to design, where we imagine, and then create, trend-setting styles for all discerning tastes.  Cost-conscious and affordable, we ensure that our customers are happy and satisfied with their selection.  We have proven to the consumer that they can trust and rely on the Wanted name, where product, service and commitment can’t be beat!

WANTED Shoes, Inc.

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